#AStoryAWeek | Week 24 (Jun 09 - 15): Hi Ho - Part One (Excerpt)

This is a work in progress for another competition. It needs 1) finishing and 2) tightening, but I quite like how it's going so far. All I need to do now is to figure out how to finish this whilst writing some new stuff too...

Week 24 | 532 Words

Hi Ho

When Tedda handed over to me the only thing that really stuck out about her instructions were “don’t worry about the telly in the study. Just leave that alone.” She said it ever so casually. The implication was that Mr Moore just didn’t like anyone fussing with it. I put it down to an anal technical requirement on his part – the angle of the TV was exactly right, or the buttons were sensitive. Or that it was just ridiculously expensive and best avoided, just in case. So I filed that little tip away in the back of my mind and didn’t think about it again.

Tedda took me through the rest of my responsibilities and they were, as I had expected, as dull as ditchwater. The job title might have been advertised as “Housekeeper”, but what they really meant was “Cleaner, and whatever else we can’t be bothered to do”.

I didn’t care. It paid okay, it was five minutes walk from home, and the Moores were hardly ever there. So I wandered their massive home, a duster permanently hanging from my jeans pocket, and idly dusted, tidied, filed, prepared bits and pieces for dinner, and wondered why two people had decided to try and populate such a vast manse all on their own.

I had airily ventured this question with Tedda, and she had paused, tensed ever so slightly, and then shrugged and said “I expect they love their lifestyle. No time for kids, probably.”