#AStoryAWeek | Week 21 (May 19 - May 25): A Number of Short Book Reviews

Yes. I know. It's not really week 21. It's actually mid week 24, but hey - I had STUFF.

Okay. Not that much stuff.

But whatever the reason for the delay, I am in front of my laptop now and raring (ish) to go. So here is a belated week 21 entry - some book reviews. Enjoy.

Week 21 |  198 words

A Number of Short Book Reviews

Storm Front (The Dresden Files) by Jim Butcher
Like Constantine. Only not as interesting, well drawn or believable. Dresden annoyed me, so I bailed.

Heriot by Margaret Mahy
I am a massive Margaret Mahy fan, but this book is almost too full of her usual tricks... I didn't think one of her books could be too full of her particular style, but apparently it can. Mahy fans will probably be a bit more forgiving than those new to the author, who might find some of the phrasing and dialogue over-done. Don't start with this one if you think Margaret Mahy is an author you'd like to try - any of her earlier novels is a much more gripping read (and my particular favourite is The Changeover).

The Universe Versus Alex Woods by Gavin Extence
Found it too reminiscent of other better books. I liked moments - the exercises Alex uses to control his condition, for example. But after a while I couldn't be bothered to read any more of what seemed like a drug-fuelled mash up of "Goodnight Mr Tom" and "About A Boy".
Obviously I might be wrong about this, cos I bailed on it.