#AStoryAWeek | Week 20 (May 12 - May 18): The Climb, The Bubble and The Ending (Excerpt)

So I am feeling very grown up and brave because, for the first time since it arrived in my life, I have written a little something about depression. I know - it seems unbelievable, thanks to my incredible impersonation of a perky person. Well, don't worry, 97% of the time that wasn't an impersonation, it was something I like to call pills.
Oh you call them that too?  Weird.

Anyway - I have tackled it, submitted it to an anthology, and we shall watch this space.

Meanwhile please don't worry about me. I am quite well, thank you very much for asking. Here - have an excerpt.

Week 20 |  1,243 words

The Climb, The Bubble and The Ending

The world is full of holes. Invisible dips and ruts litter the surface of the planet and you never know when one will trip you up. If you’re lucky none of these will keep you down for long.  But occasional crevasses are hidden along your meandering path, and the biggest trap is that the more you attempt to avoid them, the more likely you are to find one.

Crevasses are magical expanding wells of silence and noise, places that host nightmares, yell your shortcomings in your face, and haunt you with the promise of salvation at the hands of superstition. There are only three ways to escape. The Climb, The Bubble, and The Ending.