#AStoryAWeek | Week 18 (Apr 29 - May 04): The Cygnets and The Seamstress (Excerpt)

Hooray. At ten minutes to midnight on Sunday I completed my 2,728 words that I will be re-reading, tweaking, and aiming to send to Timeless Tales Magazine as soon as they open submissions for their next edition (#3), the theme of which is the Brother's Grimm tale of the Twelve Dancing Princesses. Mine is called The Cygnets and The Seamstress and is, I hope, a pretty interesting re-telling of the original.

I entered a short story for #2 (A Pandora's Box theme - submissions are still open if you want to head over to Timeless Tales) in week 13 called "Woman of Clay". I might be encouraged to post the whole thing here if you'd like to read it.

Go on. Encourage me.

Meanwhile here is yet another tiny (very tiny) bit of a short story. Enjoy!

Week 18 |  2,728 words

The Cygnets and The Seamstress

The cygnets were the problem. Every day I’d head down to wardrobe to steam their costumes, repair ripped seams and replace lost feathers. And every day this workload was added to by the need to find twelve new pairs of pristine white ballet shoes.