#AStoryAWeek | Week 17 (Apr 21 - Apr 28): The Pinch (Excerpt)

So once again I am entering the regular 500 word fiction competition hosted by Mr Michael Brookes. He's guest blogged on here before, so hopefully you've checked him out already, but if not do pop over to The Cult of Me blog and take a look.

This week's #AStoryAWeek is for his May photo-inspired competition. The closing date is May 18th.

Week 17 | 494 Words

The Pinch

Nyla is lying on the grass staring up at the sky. It is such a perfect evening that she suddenly feels an overwhelming need to both clutch it to her and let it go. Nyla’s regular internal battle consists of these opposing desires; keep it close, keep it safe, hold tight. Let it go, relax, breathe. Keepitclose is tense and short. Letitgo is sighs and smiles. One day, Nyla reflects, she will be able to shut them both up and just listen to herself.