#AStoryAWeek | Week 14 (Mar 31 - Apr 06): Pleasure and Pain (Excerpt)

Another competition entry. Keep your fingers crossed...

Week 14 |  494 words

Pleasure and Pain

Where it all went wrong was the weird transformation from girly gossip to distance and unease. Later that day – post shower, post self-analysis, post-memories of pleasure - I met some friends for lunch. Two of them, Anne and Linnet, I would trust with my deepest darkest secret. The other two, Kayla and Marguerite, are nugget-feeders; they take tiny fragments of a sentence and apply cod psycho analysis until you feel defensive and stupid. Since I didn't usually have much of interest to them (stable relationships are so boring) I didn't generally get picked up on their radar, and when they weren't dissecting the broader details of your personal life in order to extract something much more intimate, they were sort of fun to be around.