#AStoryAWeek | Week 9 (Feb 24 - Mar 02): Kiss Me, Beloved Victim (Excerpt)

Once again I have found inspiration for my #AStoryAWeek by entering a competition. The brief for this one is that it has to be inspired by the picture below and be no more than 500 words long. The competition closes on March 23rd.

Week Nine | 500 Words

Kiss Me, Beloved Victim

I could feel hunger rolling off the new chap in waves. He had a beautiful proud expression. His taut mouth showed dignified determination to anyone casually looking, but to the rest of us it was the mouth of someone biting their cheeks to keep from screaming. Behind the glass case all he could do was silently ache, but the next time the curator led a gaggle of young things through the door and offered to let them have a closer look, I could tell the results wouldn’t be pretty.