A Quick Word...

This week I had my lovely parents to stay, so I decided to get the #AStoryAWeek challenge out of the way nice and early before they arrived. I normally leave this sudden attack of writing until Sunday evening, but this week I was finished by Monday, and I have enjoyed the time off from pondering what to write whilst at the same time feeling as though I have been about to miss an imminent deadline.

This week's story went through two versions; The husband read draft one and felt that I ramped up the tension a little too much to warrant a non-horrific ending. I then threw in some horror, but it wasn't quite his bag. Doh. I like both versions pretty much the same, so here - you lucky lucky reader you - are both.  See which you prefer.

Here you go - two versions of "Hold Your Horses", the inspiration for which was provided by the lovely Amanda Hill and her son Izak.

Hold Your Horses - Horror (2,833 words)

Hold Your Horses (1,572 words)