Witchcraft 1.01 : A Brainteaser

You're a witch.

You've got a wolf, a bird and a maiden on one side of the river and you need to transport them across to the other side, but your boat is only big enough for you and one other.

You can't leave the wolf and the maiden together, because he'll eat her, amongst other things.

You can't leave the maiden and the bird together, because the maiden might break the curse you've placed on the bird (he's really a prince, obviously), and they'll both run off together to HEA.

You can't leave the bird with the wolf because the polar opposites of their moral compasses are a recipe for disaster.  And you may think the wolf has this fight in the bag, but, despite their differences in size, there's also a whole hero thing in the bird's favour, not to mention a beak.

What do you do?

You're a witch.  Cast a fucking spell.