So. Eep is my squeaky reaction to getting to almost 8:00pm on a Sunday evening and realising that I haven't given much thought at all to this weeks #AStoryAWeek. Yes. Eep indeed.

Last weeks went so well that I have been far too pleased with myself to pay any attention to the ideas floating around for this week. There was one about a romance - not my usual thing. I had a good title I might use for that, or for something else. (It is "The Broken Glass Girl". Intriguing, no?) There were a couple of vague horror thoughts that I haven't quite pulled together. There has been a LOT of Hiding The Smile 2 plotting going on. But I think it would be cheating to use a bit of the sequel as my submission, so there's nothing else for it. I'll just have to throw something together and see what happens.

But meanwhile a blog with an excerpt from last weeks 2,648 words will follow. Along with some mild panicking - but you don't need to see that.