Dream Writing

Yesterday I had all sorts of clever ideas about how to make the twists and turns of a book I'm working on (called "Dust") a bit more complex and intriguing.  The trouble is all of these clever ideas occurred to me just as I was dropping off, and now I'm having trouble remembering them all.  I hate that.  You're lying there, watching the narrative unfold like it's all seamless and easy, and then you have two choices; stir yourself into making notes but interrupt the creative zoning out, or let it all just play out and keep your fingers crossed that you can remember it all in the morning.

Nine times out of ten I will continue to watch the novel tell itself to me, and hope I can remember the best bits the next day.  This is probably due to an article I read a long time ago that gave instructions on how you could use dreaming to help your writing.  The author's directions were that you should think about the point of your story where you're stuck and then - without forcing events - let your subconscious take over. Deciding to try this has never worked.  When it happens randomly of its own accord I have learned to sit back and enjoy it, and just hope that the moments that really chime will follow me around until morning.

So. Dust.

I am prodding my failing memory.

There was definitely some sort of war... And lots of dust.