Pretty In Paperback

So we're on countdown for the first ever All Authors Blog Blitz! The general idea is that everyone who signs up gets two blog buddies - one of these will host a guest piece by you on their blog, and one will write a guest piece for you to post on your blog.
Pretty exciting stuff.
I will be gatecrashing and hosting a guest piece from It's a pretty interesting way for bloggers and writers to spread the word, so I hope it all goes well.  It's the brainchild of Y. Correa, an author whose site you can find here. The logistics of organising the number of writers involved is a pretty immense task, so hats off and salutes in her direction!

All that's left is to think about what I might write about... AuthorAmy's last post concerned her reluctance to approach the horror novel, so posting a blog about Hiding The Smile (here, horror fiction, just in case you'd missed that before) seems a tiny bit rude.  Oh well.  Maybe I can blog about how some of it isn't horrific at all... Honestly. There's a whole "Acknowledgements" bit that is just nice...

Also the book is available in paperback too.  I hadn't mentioned it before as it was so !*^!!? expensive, but it's been reduced, so here's a picture of it looking all pretty in paperback:

Meanwhile I am going to have a bit of a tidy.  I mean, if we're going to have GUESTS...