So far, so good...

So whilst life revolved almost entirely around "Hiding The Smile" last week, this week it's a little bit more relaxed.  I am attempting some self-promotion (this stuff is haaard), but mostly just hoping that people I know will be nice enough to share the news, and then maybe other people will share, and then before you know if this stuff will have gone goddamn viral.

(It won't. We are sadly sans gimmick, even with all of the covered mouth photos - and thank you if you were awesome enough to upload one!)

Meanwhile I have been playing with hitRECord.  This is a beautiful collaborative site and it's a LOT of fun and intensely inspirational.  I love that the works you upload are free for other people to pick up, play with, and put back down again as something entirely new.  Take this, for example. I uploaded this small contribution to the "Tiny Stories" book:

Whenever I find a penny I leave it there for somebody else.  I'm lucky enough.

The excellent Ken Pringle took my text, added it to his image, and voila:

This lovely remix was born.

So I can't recommend enough that you go and play. It's a joyous thing.

Oh, and DID I MENTION MY BOOK? You might want to read it.  It's good.