Out There

So "Hiding The Smile" has been published to Kindle format and is available on your favourite e-reader now!  Click here to check it out.

It costs a whole £2.01 (or $3.11) to download.  Bargain.

Meanwhile it is also available as a paperback, which is quite exciting but also quite expensive.  Should you have the required £22.95 then you can buy an actual copy of your very own, you lucky thing.

At the moment I'm trying to work myself up into a nagging frenzy, but I can't quite seem to manage it.  This is no good at all in marketing terms, but I'm sure my friends and family are grateful that I'm not at full throttle yet.

I'm also finding the "out there"-ness of the book a tad odd.  I'm used to seeing my stuff in environments where the reactions are very immediate - plays, TV and radio - the audience let you know how they feel about it almost straight away.  But a book is much more personal, takes longer to read, and unless I sit on people's shoulders whilst they flip from page to page, I'm unlikely to experience them experiencing it...  Oh well.  Them's the breaks.  Maybe people will be kind enough to leave reviews on Amazon and tell me what they think.

Oh - and I have an Amazon author page now.  Get me.