The Vote

So the progression of this novel continues...

Formatting was a bit of a problem.  I won't bore you with it, because it was BORING.  But I think I nailed it - you'll be able to see how successful I was at this if you ever read the thing.  Now we're onto cover deisgn, which I am enjoying a great deal more.  Here are the three options I designed:

1. The Malory Towers Rip-off.

(Here's the Malory Towers book cover, just so that you can see what I was going for...


2. The Crossed-Out Mouth

3. The Yearbook

They are all pretty good representations of what the book is about, I think.  

Large portions of the book are set in a boarding school - but not one as upbeat as Malory Towers. It's a somewhat twisted alternative to Ms. Blyton's sunshine and hockey sticks, which is why I copied her cover design and then stuck Mandy's rather disturbing taped-over face in the middle of it.

The crossed out mouth was inspired by Mandy's photo... I wanted a design that was as anti-Twilight as I could get it.  This book is about vampires, but it's not a particularly romantic version, so this modern graphic cover represents that.

And the yearbook was Dan's idea - and I think it nicely conveys something pretty and prim concealing something ripped and bloody.  Hoorah.

So the vote is on.  As I write the Crossed-Out Mouth is in the lead with 11 votes. Feel free to throw your own two-penneth in - the album is here, just like the one you like... 

Once the cover decision is final I'll (hopefully) be on the last steps to getting the book online.  I'm aiming for the 1st May.  VERY EXCITING.  And then the last threads of patience existing in my lovely friends and family will be stretched to the limit as I ask them (again) to spread the word.

Why not beat me to the punch.  Spread the word now, why don't you?

More bloggage to follow, I expect.

P.S. Just had the VERY weird experience of accidentally making My Dead Buddy play in the background whilst listening to an instrumental track on the online radio.  For a moment I thought someone had sampled the dialogue... Then I came to my senses.