Snippet #4

Recently I have upgraded to a new phone.  No more sexy iPhone - now I have the entirely foxy Nokia Lumia to play with instead.  In the midst of the data transfer that accompanies any new phone switch I found a load of notes on bits and pieces of writing.  One of them was for "Wren", a radio play pitch that made it about half-way through the commissioning rounds before hitting a wall of "No ta".  Here's a tiny bit I wrote as a starting place for my narrator's voice:

Some people feel like they're always running to catch up, and some people only have to walk to be in front.

I didn't really miss her when she disappeared.  She was never really there.

Which is about the shortest snippet yet... It looks a bit thin and empty out of context (i.e. my brain filling in the next 40 minutes of drama...), but never mind.  That, my friends, is the nature of a snippet.