The Build Up

So here is my promised "secondly" blog.  Prepare yourselves. I have bigged it up mysteriously, and now I am about to unleash DETAILS!

So I wrote a book that I have called "Hiding The Smile" and was pondering what to do with the thing.  After much indecision and a couple of edits I have decided to make it available in Kindle format.  That's right.  You will be able to (gasp) buy and then download this sucker.

So mostly what I have been doing lately is nagging my lovely friends to help me out with the marketing side of things.  Would you like to do this too?  Of course you would!  Silly question, really.  I can tell you are champing at the bit to spread the word and get involved.  So there are a few of things you can do...

1) Like the Hiding The Smile Facebook page.  It is here:  Currently a bit sparse, I am planning some stuff to arrive here soon.

2) Follow the Tumblr blog "Tammysintrouble".  It's here:

3) Follow me on Twitter (@charlieboucher) and why not - if you are able to do such a thing with your social media dashboard - follow the meme #hideyoursmile?

4) Take a photo of yourself "hiding your smile" - see what I did there?  Feel free to share this gorgeous piece of art with the hashtag #hideyoursmile to any or all of the above, and why not throw it at Instagram while you're at it?

5) Like my Charlie Boucher Facebook page for news and posts (as well as the HTS FB page, obviously...) - it's here:

6) Join GoodReads and follow my author page here:

7) Share my updates.  Incessantly.  You know, really BUG people with this stuff.

So basically share, share, share and like.

And if you have any other ideas about neat places for this stuff then please let me know!  Meanwhile the photos you take may be used on the book cover (which is my next little milestone in this project), so you should probably get all creative with your camera.

Massive gratitude to anyone who takes the time to get involved, and to those who already have... You are (as I may have mentioned) awesome.