So no-one reads this anyway...

...Or do they? I do quite love it when I start re-hashing something I recently blogged about in conversation and the person I am talking to says "Oh yes - you wrote that in your blog". It's ever so nice.  Not only is it the nicest way to be told you're repeating yourself, but it gives me the warm tinglys that someone actually reads this stuff.

So because it looks as though people are swinging by here once in a while I thought I'd take the opportunity to waffle on a tiny bit about a couple* of things...

First bit of waffle:  the lovely Jo Gunn has started an online baby design outlet called "Lickle Rockers".  If you are of the alternative persuasion (or are just a bit sick of the twee kids clothes filling the high street) then this might be the place for you:  Or like her page on FB in order to stay tuned with the latest designs:

I'm pretty sure she's open to design suggestions if there's something specific you'd like but don't quite have the skill to pull off... So drop her a line.

Second bit of waffle: I am going to blog about separately.  Because it's IMPORTANT.  And EXCITING.  So watch this space.  But not, you know, indefinitely.  That would be silly.  Go and have a cup of tea or something.

*Or one thing, and a vague and annoying teaser waffle.  A waffle-ette, if you will.