Nice cover. Shame about the writing.

So you may have noticed that I have been QUITE the busy bunny on WattPad.  My favourite thing recently was writing ten poems in ten different styles after two glasses of wine in two hours.  Check out all those numbers! I wasn't so tiddly that I couldn't manage it, so whilst I'm not one hundred percent convinced of the quality of this poetry I did at least fulfil the brief.  And the collection ("A Bed of Feathers") has by far the most reads of all my stuff, so it must be at least a bit interesting.

I am pottering about in my writing archives and wondering what to upload next... I just started posting the first of Seven Tales, so presumably the next six is a pretty good place to start.

I have been mulling over a blog about what I like to listen to when I'm writing.  Once I have more than one artist to write about I will be back!  Meanwhile look at these.... Oooh, pretty covers... I'm ever so pleased with myself and my meagre Photoshop skills.

Oh, and I also made this lovely QR code.  You should scan it and see what happens.