A what now?

So a while ago my excellent twin told me about Wattpad. I installed it to my iPhone, browsed, sniffed undecidedly, and then deleted it.  Now, some time later, I discover that a teenage girl has been given a three book deal with a major publisher thanks to the vampire book she has been posting to - guess where - Wattpad.  I am doing my utmost not to be jealous of this lucky lady.

But really.  Vampires.

Dan is ploughing through my very own vampire novel and seems to be quite enjoying it.  We will wait and see how he takes the ending which, I think, is somewhat controversial.  No-one falls in love, for a start.

One day I will get something to happen with this book (which is called Hiding The Smile, by the way) but meanwhile I have remembered at least three other books that are lingering in the back of my briefcase.  Hello WattPad.  I think you might be just the place for these things.