Snippet #1

There's a folder on my hard drive labelled "Miscellaneous".  It's full of things I started and then couldn't get any further with, things I finished but no longer like, and things that are full of odd symbols because they were written using ClarisWorks and aren't compatible with Word.  Ah, the days before Microsoft Office ruled the world...

Anyway, I have found random paragraphs that, in all likelihood, will never be put to better use, so I've decided to dump them here.  Lucky you.

This is from a file called "Dado Biscowitz_09-05-2005.doc".  Other than the fact that I obviously started writing it in May 2005, I have no other idea where it was headed.  Oh well.  It's ended up here:

* * *

Dado Biscowitz had been in a bad mood for about half a day, but to Marly it felt like half a century.  This was what love felt like, Marly had learned; the good bits dance across your emotions like sunlight glimmering on a lake, whilst the bad bits descend in gloomy clouds, looming across the landscape like black cliffs of pain.  You either wait for them to break or get good at inventing rainy-day distractions for yourself.  And then you wonder if somewhere out there there’s a man who could generate more sunshine than not for you and, inevitably, these thoughts bring clouds of their own.

* * *

Maybe one day Dado and Marly will make their presence felt and I'll find out what happens next.  Meanwhile they can live here and enjoy their slightly weird names.