The word...

So yesterday I actually did some writing.  This is what happens if you stop for an hour or so with a lovely old friend, drink some pink wine, and gently brainstorm.  I'm tidying up the edges of what I hope will be a good pitching idea for Radio 4... Watch this space.

Meanwhile I have a couple of requests for some lovely friends, so I am putting the word out - please pass this stuff on if at all possible.

The first is a call for a set designer. If you are a set designer, or know anyone who'd be prepared to do some work for free to bump up the CV then please contact Nina at Academy Arts (  They are putting on a production of The Wiz at Broxbourne Civic Hall and are in need!

Secondly set your Sky box (other satellite services are available...) and record Ballooniville on Monday 5th March @ 12pm on Cartoonito 619. My friend Mandy worked on the pilot and says:

There won't be any publicity as someone bought the TM last minute so they couldn't use the original name/logo. Because of this, they were almost axed last week and all advertising was dropped. This is a 4 yr project and they've worked their bums off to get it aired! So, if you watch it and like it, please let the Cartoonito Parents FB page know.

The page is here if you feel the urge to "like":!/CartoonitoParentsUK

And that is the end of me being helpful.  I should probably go and let down some people's tyres to restore the balance of nature. I can't go around just being wilfully nice ALL the time.