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So it turns out that I have four whole followers.  Imagine that.  I hardly know what to do with myself, I am so giddy at the sheer volume.  Hello followers.  Hello people I know and love!

So today I have done some writing - don't get too excited.  I was very nice and visited to review my friend Mike's book.  Here's a link.  If you fancied reading it and posting a review of your own I would be interested to know what you think... Reviewing anything your friends have done is a tricky business.  It's hard to know how you would feel about it if it hadn't been written by someone you know.  Are you being too generous in your praise because it's a mate's hard work, or are you being too harsh because you don't want to seem as though your ability to criticise has been muted thanks to friendship?

Some of my friends were kind enough to read my unpublished novel (and now it never will be published thanks to this hideousness) and their critical functions seemed unimpaired by the fact that we were friends - something for which I am very grateful.  I'm also grateful to all of my friends who asked to read it and then actually read it, and then were able to sit down and summarise their thoughts in useful and helpful ways.  When I finally buckle under the pressure of having written a book that will never be published and troll it over to Lulu to turn into a pretty printed edition of one, I shall thank them all effusively in the foreword.

And in case that never happens I should probably thank them here too.  Ta and hugs to Taron, Lara, Laura and Cameron.  You marvellous people, you...


  1. OMG - I didn't realize I wasn't following you! I have rectified the situation. (I do get the blog by email, which I hopes counts for something!). And, BTW (I am trying to be 'young' again with the acronyms), I enjoyed reading your book. It was a pleasure.


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