I have been attempting to stay motivated and accomplish something writing-wise this year...  In general if I can have managed one landmark activity per annum I feel okay about how it's all going.  More would be nice, obviously, but like most creative things success at writing is subject to the whims and preferences of other people, so I am mostly reliant on complete strangers for a break or two.  The trouble with sending people things is that it just takes them so long to get back to you.  I'm fine with this - I am, in fact, really very patient - but it does make the goal of even one exciting thing per year tricky to attain.  In 2009 I took control of things and sorted out the filming of my own sitcom, so that's one way out of the pickle, but I have made this a trickier option for myself by relocating to Malvern where, despite a brilliant local theatre, I feel a bit out of my depth in terms of grabbing the creative bull by the horns.

I am in the process of taking some steps to improve this situation - I have found a local "alternative" entertainment evening in Worcester and am investigating how to contribute to the open mic' slot.  They apparently take any musicians, writers or performers with a sci-fi / horror / alternative attitude, so I think there may be a place for me - if only I can find someone else to read my stuff for me... I have emailed to enquire how they feel about stage-shy writers and will keep you posted.  Either way I plan to attend their next event on the 31st August and see exactly how it works.

Meanwhile two magazines - Black Static and Mslexia - have been sent submissions.  One is an incredibly twisted short story that I both love and hate, and the other is a short monologue.  No idea how they'll go down, but if you don't submit you'll never know...  Actually in some cases you can submit all you like and STILL never know.  But that's life innit.