So today I made the momentous decision to move from MySpace to here... I know.  It IS momentous.  That is in no way an over-statement.

It clearly is.

I had a chat with a fellow blogger, Taron.  She writes the excellent (and frequently updated) Mind, Body & Scroll, a blog that I have, in recent weeks, become rather jealous of.  It's not the content (Taron and I tend to write about entirely different things), it's the general ease of use.  If you're not already on MySpace then it's a tricky place to navigate.  I was having issues with subscriptions, with formatting, with comments... Over here, in the world of blogspot, everything seemed to be just that tiny bit easier.  But I have a wealth of information on MySpace... Dare I abandon it for these new and seemingly greener pastures?  You bet.  I am completely fickle when it comes to the next best online tool, so farewell MySpace, hello Blogger.  You better live up to my expectations.

Meanwhile I have a short film premiering in Oxford next week.  That's nice.